The brief
Design a small children’s book that introduces them to new words. Select three words and illustrate their meaning by using only the letterforms contained in the word. The book is to have one spread for each of the three words.
The book
I chose three words with onomatopoeic characteristics, on the theme of a summer day.  Thinking of books I loved as a kid, I wanted to make something interactive.
Grass is shown on long strips of paper, adding a tactile quality.  The word is then hidden behind the paper-grass for readers to discover.  “Picnic” easily breaks into two syllables, so I used these to create a woven texture to the picnic basket.
For “kite”, the reader can fly one of them.  On each spread, letters from the word are used to illustrate some other details on the page (a butterfly, cups, an ant, and decorations on the kite string).
For the construction of the book, I designed a removable spine so the book could be laid flat and the whole summer day seen.  (It also works as a reversible book.)

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