A Dymaxion map reminds us that we are all on “one island in one ocean, aboard spaceship Earth”. It also reduces the distortion of the common Mercator projection that makes certain regions appear disproportionately large.
While this map is usually seen flat, using a system of tabs and slots I created this interactive holiday card for Atelier Ten.
The Dymaxion map, created by R. Buckminster Fuller, is a series of 20 equilateral triangles. From this base, I developed a system of tabs and slots to enable construction without the use of any adhesives.
After much prototyping and testing – some of the “Bucky babies” can be seen above – I developed a die with perforations and scoring. 1,000 units were printed and cut, and sent out to clients as a holiday card.
To make sure those who wouldn’t receive a printed card were included, I created this digital animation in AfterEffects to send out as a holiday e-card.
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