about online yoga
Bring whatever props you might have, though none are required. A sturdy water bottle or a stack of books could substitute for a yoga brick; a pillow could understudy for a bolster. Use a scarf or actual belt instead of a strap.
You don't need a lot of space but check you won't give yourself a concussion stepping to the top of your mat!
Try to leave phones (and other distractions) in another room, or on silent. Create a calm space in which to focus on your practice.
Tailor your space to suit your practice style, with whatever lighting levels you prefer, and some ambient music if you enjoy practicing to that. You can even set up outside, if you have the space!
It's great if you can practice with video on, it adds to a sense of community and will enable me to tell if everyone is following along! However, if this makes you deeply uncomfortable, don't worry - it is not required.
By joining any of my online classes, you are automatically accepting full responsibility for your own safety. In the absence of a teacher physically present to advise, it is your duty to ensure that you stay within your physical limits. The following guidelines will help you reduce the risk:
– Listen to and follow instructions carefully.
– Do not hold your breath or strain to attain any position.
– Respect your body's abilities and limits.
– Do not perform postures or movements that are painful.
If you have any injuries to discuss, please get in touch with me before signing into the class.
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